letter BINGO and number link cards


We made a BINGO game for the letters in Get Set For the Code A.

Counting, number recognition and color linking cards.  I cut out squares of construction paper, numbered, laminated and punched holes.  Kids really enjoyed.


Blow-Dried Crayon on Canvas

We took out the box of old, sad crayons.  We held a peeled crayon on a canvas and blew heat on the crayon from hair dryers. The crayon started melting away. Once we were tired of holding the crayon or our fingers started getting hot, we would press the crayon down to stick it down so it would not roll away.



Summer Jar- Day 3 (sponge balls)

As see on Pinterest, we finally made sponge balls.  Each kids chose 3 sponges, I cut each sponge into 3 (which was supposed to be 4) strips, tiedthem together with dental floss.  Tying them was not that easy.  The kids had a blast dipping them in water and throwing them.  Then then began to clean with them.





(photo from onecharmingparty.com)

Summer Jar- day 2 (ice treasures)

Today we excavated treasures in ice.  Yesterday I froze water in layers in plastic storage containers.  Some layers we added food coloring as we placed the little toys inside.  My daughter had so much fun, she asked to do it again.  I just started the first layer and added coins.  Coins being thin and small I’m going to try doing several layers.  They used eye droppers with warm water, plastic knives, and my daughter’s favorite, a pizza cutter.  The downfalls for doing this today is, that it’s raining outside and chilly.  So, we had to do it inside.  Second, my girl has a broken arm, so she has a bag on it and having to dig with just one arm.  But nothing stops her.

Summer Jar- day 1


Yesterday was our start to summer.  The kids each pulled 2 slips each out of our “Summer Jar” for things to do this week.  Each slip has something to do and/or make.  Day 1- make a race track in the living room out of masking tape.  We drove cars and trains along the track.  We ran along the track and jumped over into empty spots.  We had fun with this one!